Peter Vandever and Child Molestation

Peter Vandever is attempting to weigh in on an article about a recently arrested alleged pedophile named Mark Catley. Nothing new with what he’s trying to do: cloak himself in phony holiness while falsely accusing others of exactly what he himself is guilty of: shameful sexual practices including child molestation. Peter Vandever wants to go there, so go there we shall. More to follow on this.

Peter Vandever Returns to the United States

We have confirmed that Peter Vandever has finally left the Philippines. After years of struggling to leave the country due to an insurmountable pile of unpaid visa fees and an inability to afford a plane ticket, Peter was finally able to return to the United States by way of a repatriation loan courtesy of the US Embassy. Family members have also confirmed that he is now back in Missouri. His last known location is Kansas City.

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Yes, Azusa Report is a Scam by Peter Vandever

We are receiving a steady stream of emails about the so-called “Azusa Report” website (we will not link to it from here, but you can find it quickly by search). Yes, the same Peter Vandever we are reporting about here is the same dishonest individual behind the Azusa Report website. Take a look at his website and see for yourself. It’s a scam disguised as a pentecostal website, but there is no inspiration, nothing useful. In fact, many of the articles are plagiarized (more on Peter’s plagerism practices here). Instead, it’s his rants against “haters” and playing the victim game as usual.

The ultimate goal of “Azusa Report” is to scam you for money. Learn more about Peter by reading the articles presented on this site. Do not give your money to Peter Vandever unless you want to support his alcohol and drug habits. He is the furthest thing one could be from a true Christian. If only Peter Vandever put in as much effort into real, ethical work as he does his shifty and deceptive practices.

Peter Vandever aka The Manila Hobo aka Azusa Report Scammer Caught Stealing. Again.

Guess who is caught stealing once again? Yes, Peter Vandever aka The Manila Hobo, the same scammer behind “The Azusa Report” — a fake Christian website targeted at the Pentecostal audience but is nothing more than a front for his scams. Here is full, undeniable proof that Peter Vandever is nothing more than a thief.

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New Websites Exposing Peter Vandever the Fraud

A couple of new websites showing the truth about the fraudulent Peter Vandever have emerged: and The latter is of course to highlight his scam website¬†Azusa Report which he uses to pose as a Christian in order to steal money in the form of “donations”.