The White Trash Criminality of the Vandever Family

It’s well known that Peter Vandever is a criminal and a scammer and has been for many years. As it turns out, you don’t need to look very far in order to find similar types of criminal white trash in the Vandever family. While there are many examples readily available online relating to the criminal behavior of his brother Timothy, here is one of the latest.

Peter’s brother Timothy, in partnership with his then-girlfriend Taylor, were said to have sold a bogus, non-functional Playstation video game system via a buy-and-sell group on Facebook. Not only did the game console unit not work, a live cockroach was living inside of it and some of the included games were nothing but empty cases.

Enjoying a baseball game with Timothy and Peter’s mom. Timothy Vandever (middle) and Taylor Dittmar (right) are alleged to rip people off via buy-and-sell groups online.

On a Facebook post warning others about Timothy Vandever’s scams, other victims chimed in reporting similar experiences with Timothy and Taylor.

This is by no means a suggestion about anyone besides those mentioned in this article. Every family has good and bad apples and colorful characters of various kinds. There is however no doubt that a certain commonality of a deceptive nature exists among at least some of the siblings in this family. Something tells me that being a Vandever in this town doesn’t come with a good reputation. If Timothy desires to model the behavior of his brother Peter, he’s off to a good start. Still, Peter Vandever holds the trophy for being the family’s worst. Is this what Peter is referring to when he cites his “Missouri manners”?

Here’s a link to the full Facebook post with comments included.

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9 thoughts on “The White Trash Criminality of the Vandever Family”

  1. Yet another page in the grand catalogue of the hobo’s lies is the idealisation of his ‘midwest’ background. Wanting YT to believe he is a well educated urbane christian, The Alliance continues to expose who the hobo truly is….. i.e a socially stunted retard from a third world hillbilly hick down, located in the ass end of a flyover welfare state…. the hobo’s pathetic shitkunt brother is cut from the same cloth.

    1. Peter Vandever has often cited that his foundation rests on good old-fashioned “Missouri Manners”, yet not even one display of decency from him has ever been observed.

    1. He will be out of the country by October, he claimed. Not only that, he will be traveling to other countries before that times comes. Perhaps Fiji, he suggested. Well, there’s only a few days left in the month of September and he shows no signs of heading anywhere except the next hostel or internet cafe to steal services from. Just like in June when he said he would be gone “within a month to six weeks”, his October departure is also a lie. Among his various mountains of lies, these fall in the “silly lies” category because they are quickly proven false simply by the passage of time.

  2. Just to clarify something. There are two families with that same last name, spelled the same and everything, who are in no way related. One of the guys from this family who you speak of also has the same first name as my step-dad which has caused my step- dad so many problems for years.

    1. Unfortunately Peter Vandever is not a common name either. What kind of problems? If you don’t mind sharing.

  3. I don’t know Peter. But I do knowish Taylor. She was a decent kid that got lost in the mix. That said. She has gone way down hill and I do know I wouldn’t mess with anyone of the lot. That was before reading this I never had a doubt.

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