Peter Vandever aka The Manila Hobo aka Azusa Report Scammer Caught Stealing. Again.

Guess who is caught stealing once again? Yes, Peter Vandever aka The Manila Hobo, the same scammer behind “The Azusa Report” — a fake Christian website targeted at the Pentecostal audience but is nothing more than a front for his scams. Here is full, undeniable proof that Peter Vandever is nothing more than a thief.

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New Websites Exposing Peter Vandever the Fraud

A couple of new websites showing the truth about the fraudulent Peter Vandever have emerged: and The latter is of course to highlight his scam website¬†Azusa Report which he uses to pose as a Christian in order to steal money in the form of “donations”.

Peter Vandever and the Mangina Effect

Here is an excellent presentation about Peter Vandever on a YouTube channel titled How to Spot an Idiot. Specifically, he touches upon Peter’s habit of belittling the military service of others due to his own deep insecurities. Remember, this is someone who has truly accomplished nothing with his own life. In fact, just the opposite. He has caused nothing but destruction. Destruction of his own life as well as causing harm in the lives of others.


Peter Vandever was last known to be staying at the Gran Prix Manila, 1325 Mabini Street.

Peter Vandever Concedes He is an Overstayer

Peter Vandever’s Philippines visa expired over three years ago and he has never renewed it as required by law. He has tried to make many different public claims in attempt to divert attention away from his illegal status: that he is an official Philippine citizen (the most laughable of all), he is a “Philippines national”, the Bureau of Internal Revenue isn’t allowing him to leave due to an unsettled tax issue (lie debunked),¬† there’s an issue with his passport that he needs to fix, and most recently, realizing everyone knows his excuses are ridiculous, he just says he now has “complications”. To his credit, at least that most recent excuse is true. In a recent audio blog by Peter Vandever, he finally acknowledges the truth that we have already known for a long time. He effectively concedes that he is in the Philippines illegally as an overstayer.

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