Peter Vandever Slips Out of Flophouse Without Paying His Bill

Early February 2017, Peter Vandever’s whereabouts became known. He was staying in a seedy 200 peso per night flophouse called the Ong Bun Pension House in Bacolod City.

When Ong Bun staff were contacted by text message to confirm whether or not Peter was at this location, they replied with the following messages.

The staff are saying that Peter had already left and that he snuck out without settling his bill. Peter of course never returned. He was already off to Cebu City.

Might this be just a one off incident? Perhaps he just forgot to pay? Absolutely not. We later come to learn that this is routine practice for Peter. Stealing seems to come as naturally as breathing to him.

Bring Peter Vandever to Justice

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4 thoughts on “Peter Vandever Slips Out of Flophouse Without Paying His Bill”

  1. Or he owes lots of places money. I wonder if he has a journal of all the places he has ripped off so that he doesn’t go there anymore?

    1. Yeah I wonder… I can’t imagine he remembers every single little internet cafe and so on that he’s ever stolen from. I do suspect this is part of the reason he hops from place to place. There’s only so many places he can rip off before he starts to get some heat.

  2. he has publicly stated that its better to be in the usa broke
    than in the Ph broke
    because usa has welfare, food banks etc

    so why is he still in the Ph ?

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