Peter Vandever Returns to the United States

We have confirmed that Peter Vandever has finally left the Philippines. After years of struggling to leave the country due to an insurmountable pile of unpaid visa fees and an inability to afford a plane ticket, Peter was finally able to return to the United States by way of a repatriation loan courtesy of the US Embassy. Family members have also confirmed that he went to Kansas City, Missouri.

While he lived a miserable existence in the Philippines, he is not enjoying himself now that he is back in the United States either. Peter is in hiding, pretending (unconvincingly) that he is still in the Philippines. What is he hiding from? The police in Saint Joseph, Missouri, where he has an outstanding arrest warrant for setting his own family’s house on fire? Open questions relating to the unsolved murder of his younger sister? The ex-wives he used and deceived? People he has scammed money from while pretending to be some sort of Christian missionary? We have a pretty good idea why he doesn’t want it to be known that he is now in the United States. Stay tuned.

Bring Peter Vandever to Justice

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2 thoughts on “Peter Vandever Returns to the United States”

  1. Welcome back to the USA Pete. How’s it feel to be pushing 40 and sleeping on a couch in your mothers living room?

    Oh, and while you’re thinking upon that question, how does it feel to be pushing 40 and the only thing you have to look forward to is living in a psych ward, a homeless shelter or a jail cell?

    1. It would be luxury living for him if he had his mother’s couch to sleep on. A year and a half later and he’s still a bum. No job. No friends. Just slumming from homeless shelter to homeless shelter. He started off at a shelter in Kansas City, then Dallas, now Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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