Peter Vandever is a Sick Pervert

Peter Vandever’s behavior is the kind one would expect from a dirty bum hiding behind a dumpster. Back in Missouri in 2007 he was arrested on a charge of Sexual Misconduct. Peter pleaded guilty to this charge.

Peter would always attempt to downplay what happened (of course). When pressed for details, he provided nothing (of course). When it was suggested that the details could be learned by requesting official records, he said the records were sealed (of course).

The records were not sealed. We have obtained them and they will be published in full right here on Following is a preview of what’s to come.

Peter Vandever Sexual Misconduct by hoboministries

Bring Peter Vandever to Justice

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4 thoughts on “Peter Vandever is a Sick Pervert”

  1. according to pv
    its just a witch hunt from 25 years ago…
    (even though he is 36 )

    cant wait to see the shocking details

    according to the new BI rules and regs anyone who has ever been
    arrested for a sex crime is PROHIBITED from entering the Philippines

    hopefully this will stop other PVs from washing up here

  2. woooaahh boy

    this should be good. but none too surprising. it’s well established that pv is a sexual degenerate.

    molesting a 3 year old girl in missouri, stalking women in the philippines, stalking a girl in fiji to the point of trying to kick her door down, sleeping with gay prostitutes then refusing to even pay them…

    when you get arrested for being a sicko with your wiener hanging out in a taco bell you know you’ve reached the bottom rung of the totem pole. nice work exposing this creep for who he really is.

  3. But…but…you didn’t take his claim of sealed records at face value. I can’t wait for the mental gymnastics of a justification he has to do to reconcile this in his bulbous head, lol.

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