Peter Vandever in Tennessee and Learning About Consequences

Country music and Jack Daniels bourbon whisky. Two things Peter Vandever is likely not enjoying these days in the great state of Tennessee.

This is an update to inform about what Peter has been up to now that more than a year and a half has passed since he finally managed to escape his mess in the Philippines (only with a taxpayer-funded handout, of course).

What has Peter been up to these days? Has he found employment? Nope. Made any new friends? Nothing to show there, I’m afraid. Reconciled in an honest way with family? Okay, as if we even need to ask these questions…

In short, if you knew Peter before then you already know what he’s generally up to presently. Little has changed apart from his location and perhaps some more hair or tooth loss (only for Peter is “tooth loss” a necessary term).

He has however had a concerning and preoccupying obsession ever since the month of February: he is desperate for his ex-wife from 19 years ago to take him back. Aside from concern for the basics like junk food and shelter, thoughts of her and the son he abandoned are likely what consume the majority of time in his head on a daily basis. While any sort of reconciliation is a completely laughable notion to any mentally sound person, it is also concerning for many reasons:

  • Given his well-earned reputation, his motives should be considered extremely suspect.
  • Peter Vandever is mentally ill in severe and harmful ways while being in complete denial about it. He is a malignant narcissist and dishonest to the core.
  • Accepting any sort of relation with him no matter how seemingly slight will always spell TROUBLE. Guaranteed.
  • He was insanely manipulative and abusive toward his ex-wife. Associating with him in any fashion would only resurface old traumas for her and her family and undoubtedly create new ones as well as other possible problems.
  • His ex-wife was granted a divorce from him after only six months in a marriage filled with terror. Once granted, she never looked back, understandably and rightly so.
  • His ex-wife has since re-married (happily) long ago. In recent online videos, Peter had the audacity to imply that the her current marriage is illegal in God’s view and that only he and her are meant to be together. (Yes, he really did imply this and yes he really is that sick.)
  • Peter abandoned their son and ever since has not provided one hint of support. Not financially, emotionally, or otherwise. Nothing.
  • Not coincidentally, his son just turned 18 years old. Now that Peter no longer has any legal obligation financially, after 18 years of absence, after previously declaring with loud conviction that “I am long past that … I have moved on with my life … It doesn’t matter now” as shown in the video below, he has suddenly found an interest in connecting. Far too little much too late, bub. In this case, a sudden comeback after 19 years only speaks to the existence of a self-serving nature behind the supposed delayed change of heart.

This is someone who routinely attempts to portray himself as a wholesome Christian, a biblical scholar, a minister, a missionary, a significant voice in a community of believers, and even a prophet. Every bit of it complete bullshit, a shell persona he employs to escape and distort reality to serve his own ends. He is precisely the opposite of what he outwardly pretends to be, playing make believe as a kind of defense mechanism. In truth, Christianity for Peter is nothing more than a cloak to conceal his true nature from both himself and the outside world. It serves as an imaginary identity to provide himself some sense of significance, a shield to deflect legitimate criticisms, a tool for swindling money, and a bludgeon to bash those he feels inferior to or perceives as enemies.

See for yourself.

Peter Vandever does not understand nor accept the consequences for his actions the way someone with a healthy foundation of maturity would. Nor does he authentically attempt to change his ways for the better, although he will certainly try to pretend that he is making positive strides in self-improvement if he recognizes potential self-serving benefits for doing so. This is in part why his life is the shameful and insignificant existence that it is. For that he has no one to pat on the back but himself. While he may wish there were no consequences for being the monster that he was in that relationship 19 years ago, he does not have a choice but to live with them. This is a glimpse of reality for Peter. Something he does not experience in regular doses.

“I am long past that … I have moved on with my life … It doesn’t matter now” is what Peter might wish to recall himself saying about this not so long ago when he felt it served a purpose. After all, the circumstances are not going to change. They recognize the perpetual loser and self-interested manipulator in Peter. They fully understand he is highly unstable and know wholeheartedly that he will not change for even a second. More to the point, he is not at all deserving of any sort of reconciliation exercise nor could he be trusted as a participant acting in good faith. No amount of attempts and manipulation on his part is going to change that.

It would not be a stretch to assume that Peter is probably struggling with the fact that he has painted himself into a corner in life. He is quickly approaching middle age and is completely alone in this world by his own doing. He is unable to handle this appropriately given that he lacks a perspective found only in men with sound sense and a well-developed maturity. With a beautiful son that his selfish nature failed to recognize, he otherwise has nothing to show for his life except for an ugly trail of fraudulence, misery, and bridges burned by a relentless habit of lying and deceit. Screwing over everyone you become even remotely close to is maybe not such a good formula for living. Approaching 40 years old, he has yet to fully comprehend this. Even if ever he does, meaningful change will fail to take place. Once he finally reaches the end of the road, his final hour, it will have been too late. Such is and will most likely be the entire life of Peter Vandever. He cannot escape the demons within him, the impulses that compel him to choose a dishonest path in almost every single thing that he does.

Apart from this current obsession and his visibly deteriorating health, Peter’s lifestyle has been more or less exactly the same. Mooch around town for free WiFi in fast food joints and public libraries, go online for most of the day and pretend to be a significant voice in the Pentecostal community or pose as an accomplished software developer, lie and deceive some more, eat junk food or free offerings from the soup kitchen, then return to the homeless shelter to masturbate and sleep. It also goes without saying that his video channel has finally died. Despite a recent purchase of fake subscribers for his channel, he is now a has-been that never was. He is still posting videos occasionally, but hardly anyone notices or cares to observe his worn out attention-seeking drama routines anymore save for a few folks with anonymous accounts who interact only to ridicule him subtle ways. His long but steady nosedive into irrelevance is now officially complete as far as the Philippine expat community online is concerned. As was quickly discovered by every observer, he was always just a bum, not an expat. At least that would be a more appropriate classification in his case.

Since managing to settle overstay fees and years of unpaid visa fees in order to escape from the Philippines, he has been slumming from homeless shelter to homeless shelter. He began this next chapter of homeless life at a shelter in Kansas City, then went to Dallas, and then Chattanooga, Tennessee where he currently carries on in his meager existence.

Bring Peter Vandever to Justice

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9 thoughts on “Peter Vandever in Tennessee and Learning About Consequences”

  1. Vandever the POS has been lucky, he should have died in a Filipino gutter…I have no sympathy for him, some of the things he said about good people I personally know and respect, made me sick and angry at the same time.
    Wonder if he still smells bad ?

  2. I miss the good ol’ days where I could watch a disheveled homeless man with teeth falling out informing me that one needs at least $2000 USD a month to live in the Philippines. But everyone knew these statements by him were nothing more than an attempt to imply that he wasn’t dirt poor even though it was obvious that he was just by taking one quick look at his dirty appearance and how he lives every day. He was incredibly jealous of anyone living better than him which was just about… everyone. At one point just for kicks I used to keep track of how many days he would go before changing his clothes. I think the most days I counted was somewhere close to two weeks. Same red shirt every day that slowly turned almost black from all the sweat and street smog lol

    1. i remember those clothes. once he stopped wearing a set of clothes you would never see them again. he would just throw them away. i would bet you anything he just stole clothes from the ukay ukay stores whenever things got too stinky even for him.

  3. How would anyone’s ex from ages ago walk away from a happy marriage and wonderful life to make room for this psychotic fool and be terrorized all over again…? The fact that he’s all alone and still a complete loser two decades later isn’t anyone’s responsibility but his own.

    1. He more clearly recognizes what he threw away now that he sees how his life turned out. He is not at all remorseful however. He is not using this realization as an opportunity to better his life in another direction. He just recognizes that his life sucks and wishes he could walk into an improved one as if the past never happened. It’s the mindset of an extreme narcissist and it’s classic Peter Vandever thinking. In his view, he should held accountable for nothing because “it’s in the past”. First, that is a ridiculous notion. Second, it’s not only in the past, it’s also still in the present because his patterns of behavior are the same now as they were then.

  4. Blackfoot!!!
    I thought we were supposed to be watching him vlogging all over the world after he left Philippines… That or the many other big plans he would often mention. Who knew taking video of himself from his bunk bed at a homeless facility was in the cards.. Very riveting stuff!
    Ok so I guess none of us are really surprised how he ended up 😜
    He’s exactly where he deserves to be…. or he will be once he’s in jail. At least he will enjoy the free meals.

  5. Hobo Peter really had a thing for OFWs. He’s a classic cherry picker, only choosing to mention the points he thinks will serve his silly argument and then grossly distorts or just plain lies about the rest of it. In his view OFWs are selfish to the point of leaving their own babies behind in neglect and can only be interested in material things. This is because if he were an OFW this is what he would do. He can’t comprehend how anyone else looks at the world, especially those who are decent and loving. He’s a dark creature who gives false sermons to good people because he knows he’s a piece of crap and thrives on bringing others down to feel some semblance of superiority. As stated in this article, “precisely the opposite of who he outwardly pretends to be”.

  6. All I know is nobody cares what he has to say anymore and that’s all that matters. Good riddance Manila Hobo.

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