Peter Vandever Concedes He is an Overstayer

Peter Vandever’s Philippines visa expired over three years ago and he has never renewed it as required by law. He has tried to make many different public claims in attempt to divert attention away from his illegal status: that he is an official Philippine citizen (the most laughable of all), he is a “Philippines national”, the Bureau of Internal Revenue isn’t allowing him to leave due to an unsettled tax issue (lie debunked),  there’s an issue with his passport that he needs to fix, and most recently, realizing everyone knows his excuses are ridiculous, he just says he now has “complications”. To his credit, at least that most recent excuse is true. In a recent audio blog by Peter Vandever, he finally acknowledges the truth that we have already known for a long time. He effectively concedes that he is in the Philippines illegally as an overstayer.

Peter wants to leave the Philippines. Badly. As he mentions in his audio blog, he hopes he will be allowed to leave “on doctor’s orders”. Clearly, he got this idea from a vlogger who goes by the name BigKevin.

This idea won’t work for at least two big reasons:

  1. Peter can’t even afford 20 pesos (less than 50 US cents) to use the internet for an hour. He certainly can’t afford to visit a doctor. He makes all sorts of claims about ongoing work being done at various hospitals, but like everything else with Peter, it’s complete bullshit.
  2. BigKevin unlikely had a file on record with the Intelligence Division of the Bureau of Immigration like Peter does. In other words, BigKevin wasn’t a known criminal and wanted by authorities. Peter is, and I say this with firsthand knowledge.

If Peter does exit the country, it will only be by forced deportation due to being someone of “undesirable” status, having conducted many provable crimes, and having a visa that has expired a long time ago.

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10 thoughts on “Peter Vandever Concedes He is an Overstayer”

  1. Peter is a despicable human being–a vile, slanderous fool and a thief. He should be held accountable for his crimes. The victims of his thievery deserve restitution, and since Peter claims to be a missionary (ha!), he should know that the Bible calls for it. With heartfelt repentance, he should make every effort to see that it’s made.

    However, he should not be apprehended or deported for the so-called “crime” of overstaying, and I know that I say that to the chagrin of many. Along with my spouse and many Filipino friends, I earnestly contend that those who are required by government to pay immigration fees and remain “legal” should do so for *practical* purposes, but that immigration laws as we know them are inherently unjust. And immigration fees are tantamount to legalized extortion.

    Now, I can’t flesh it all out in a short comment on a blog post, but the concept of private property is foundational to my thinking. Quite frankly, no one owns the Philippines. No one owns any country, really, and the BI is nothing short of a gang. If Peter wasn’t such a butt plug, my wife and I would probably offer him a place to stay and give him a few odd jobs. We’d probably take him to a dentist, too. God knows he needs one.

    1. Those in power to do so can take their pick from a whole assortment of reasons to detain him or give him the boot. Overstaying is just icing on the cake. He is a criminal guilty of numerous crimes. As for offering him jobs and housing, good luck with that. He takes the shortcut in everything and he’s never been employed in his life. You would also more than likely wake up to find that he has stolen everything he can from you. Peter preys most on generosity. It’s the reason why Christians are his primary target for money scams (his fake missionary projects he asks people to donate to). He is that selfish and evil. There’s a reason for his lot in life and it isn’t bum luck.

    2. @Hobo Alliance Yeah. We wouldn’t do it at this point. He’s obviously a lazy, lying, thieving scum bucket. Theoretically, though, *if* he wasn’t such a “butt plug” (as I put it earlier), then we probably would. By the way, I recently warned two Christian ministers back in the US about him. I noticed Peter was a FB friend of theirs.

  2. As for the Ole Hobo’s options for getting out of the PI, you forgot to mention that he has that all figured out:

    When the time is right (how much worse does his situation need to get?), he will signal his powerful, shadowy ‘friends’ in a dark chamber-type U.S. agency whose acronym is as yet unknown to us mere mortals, and these ‘friends’ will send some sort of powerful aircraft, laden with premium Hungarian sausage, mashed potatoes with gallons of butter, and a kettlecorn machine, to pluck him from a secret location deep in the jungle known only to them and spirit him home to St Jo’s.

    Personally, I think when he gets desperate enough, he’ll go a-hoboin’ down Tawi-Tawi way (he says he’s been there before) and stowaway on a ship to Malaysia. Then I expect he’ll spin many cock-and-bull stories to the authorities along the lines of being kidnapped or being on a secret mission or, most probably, saying he’s on a ‘mission’ (oops, wrong country) and things went wrong. After all, he probably hasn’t pissed off the locals there yet and come to the attention of officialdom (that we know of).

    At the end of the day, maybe the universe’s punishment for him is to remain in the PI for the rest of his life – it is a fitting punishment, spares the good folks of ‘somewhere else’ from having to deal with him, and gives us all many hours of laughs and amusement.

    1. I’ve always wondered where are the Lost Vlogs: his adventures in Tawi-Tawi, his rescue missions in the deep Midanao jungle, or the relief efforts he coordinated in Tacloban after Hurricane Yolanda. We hear from the Hobo about moments of greatness, boxing prowess, ministering to lost souls, world travels, but all we see are videos screaming into a camera about meanie “expats” or “reviews” of food that panhandlers can afford.

  3. Well, after keeping an eye on the Ole Hobo for the last several years and seeing most of his various ‘productions’ which are hand-crafted with so much loving care and attention-to-detail, my guess is that the ‘Lost Vlogs’ are just that: lost.

    I doubt he has the expertise, however basic, to do the one thing that any IT tech worth his salt learns from Day 1 – make a backup. Of course, I assume that ‘Lost Vlogs’ really did exist, which is always a question when dealing with the Ole Hobo.

    I must have missed the one where he takes credit for relief operations in Tacloban, but that’s my fault since the Ole Hobo does SO many selfless things for the world’s less-advantaged souls that no one with a life could possibly keep up with them all.

    As for the food he’s been reviewing lately, the thumbnails I’ve seen look like food for normal folks with jobs, certainly not Hobo fare. That tells me two things: he’s back to stealing the work of other ‘patographers’ and he still doesn’t have a camera because, based on his description given in the latest Alliance video documenting his latest surf-and-run, no ‘better’ restaurant is going to let HIM in the door and risk a dine-and-dash.

    1. Oh, his tale of coordinating relief efforts in Tacloban is a hit. He was explaining how “a friend” of his “from church who is a billionaire (in dollars)” had called him up to get advice on strategy for relief efforts. On a similar note, he recently delivered a “prophecy”, indicating that the country will soon face a catastrophic calamity of some kind. Of course, it’s nothing more than a reflection of his feelings toward what his twisted mind perceives as a cruel world. A cruel place that the frustrated creature wishes destruction upon and cannot escape.

  4. He may well have a friend who’s a ‘dollar’ billionaire – if we’re talking Confederate States of America dollars.

    Those folks in Mizzzzooora were playing both sides back in the War of Northern Aggression.

    Probably knows better than to lend any of it to the Ole Hobo, too.

  5. Doesnt he have a child in usa? Im sure he owes a fortune in back child support…. More than $2500 in arrears and your passport gets yanked. Amazing how he has remained here so long !

    1. He’s the father of at least two children in the US. Both are in their teens now. At least one of the mothers wants nothing to do with him at all.

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