Peter Vandever Caught Stealing in Manila

Update November 12, 2017: While we’re not surprised as to our findings, the leads pouring in are more than we had anticipated. We have many business establishments now coming forward informing us that they have also been victimized by Peter Vandever, some more than once. Full details forthcoming. It is safe to say that Peter is slowly painting himself into a corner. We have no doubt he is not just stealing internet time and computer equipment, but anything the scoundrel can get his hands on without paying. He will face consequences here in the Philippines. We will make sure of it. It’s now just a matter of time.

Peter Vandever has a long history of theft going back to his years in St. Joseph, Missouri. Those details will eventually be published on this site. He is currently a serial thief in the Philippines as well.

In June 2017, we caught Peter stealing from an internet cafe in Baguio City. Even though this was the first moment we caught him in the act, we are certain this was not a one-off event, but actually a regular practice for him. We knew it would be only a matter of time before we caught him again, and we did.

Following is a video showing him being taken by police for the incident in June 2017.


We caught Peter Vandever stealing, once again, from an internet cafe. This time in Metro Manila. This is only a preliminary announcement. We are currently gathering the evidence and pursuing the options. Expect the full details to be released soon.

5 thoughts on “Peter Vandever Caught Stealing in Manila”

  1. These computer shops should form a group page on Facebook so they can share info. I can’t wait for the juicy details. He’s gonna suffer freezer burn in the morgue one day. No one wants the piece of shit.

  2. OMG
    why hasn’t someone contacted his parents or other relatives and helped this guy get a ticket back to his country? It isnt going to end well if he stays in the Philippines.

    1. We’ve talked to some of Peter Vandever’s relatives. For the most part they want nothing to do with him. He is on speaking terms with his sister, but it’s only on practical terms and certainly nothing near a warm relationship. From what I gather, the only one willing to have a conversation with him is his mother. She is currently alone, effectively broke, and last I heard, taking care of her grandson while the father is in hiding from the police (Peter’s brother Timothy).

  3. Great work again Alliance, exposing this vile POS.

    I think he is too stupid to realise that this will not stop until he is deported. Filipino’s and Expats have united to expose this parasite. You would think losing your domain might have been an indicator that this was serious, but not with this dumbass.

    Keep up the great work.

    ps. petervandever,net is down again LOL

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