Peter Vandever Caught Buying Fake Subscribers for his YouTube Channel

Peter Vandever is bragging about the sudden surge in subscribers to his YouTube channel. But guess what? They’re fake.

At exactly the time he purchased 200 fake subscribers several months ago, he was making videos accusing others of doing the same. Diverting blame is a classic Peter Vandever tactic. You can almost guarantee that if he is accusing someone of doing something, he himself is guilty of what he is accusing the person of doing. This includes everything from buying fake subscribers to being a pedophile (Peter has wrongly accused others of being pedophiles on many occasions, meanwhile he had molested a 3-4 year old girl while living in Missouri).

Sub Envy by hoboministries

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5 thoughts on “Peter Vandever Caught Buying Fake Subscribers for his YouTube Channel”

  1. Still checking this web site for updates on the scammer, liar, perv, thief, etc and his demise ! Countdown to destruction 5, 4, 3…

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