Peter Vandever Busted in PTSD Facebook Scam

Peter Vandever is well known for creating fake “causes” where the funds donated go to none other than himself. He has been exposed numerous times in the past soliciting money for various “missionary” projects that never existed. Once again, Peter was caught in the act.

Only this time, he needs money to minimize the traumas of his supposed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Keep in mind, Peter has been a lazy bum for his entire life. He has never served in the military in any capacity. In fact, he claims this PTSD is the result of a divorce.

Always looking for some easy cash, Peter took to Facebook with this idea.

Because, you know, the only thing Peter Vandever can do to relieve his suffering is for you to buy him a new camera.

Funny enough, while in the Philippines, Peter would sometimes make mention of his vast collection of high-end camera equipment waiting for him at home in Saint Joseph, Missouri. Well, he’s back in the United States now. What happened to this fancy, expensive camera equipment? Of course, it never existed. As always with Peter, it was nothing but a lie.

As for his fake PTSD fundraiser, we are pleased to inform the public that it has since been reported and removed by Facebook’s fraud department. The fraudulent fund raised exactly $0 at the time it was found to be a fake and removed by Facebook, so nobody lost any money to this degenerate scammer. Sorry, Peter, perhaps you may want to try getting a JOB instead. Better luck next time.

Bring Peter Vandever to Justice

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9 thoughts on “Peter Vandever Busted in PTSD Facebook Scam”

  1. He should just give up his stupid blogs in YouTube and on the Web. Everyone knows his thieving, narcissistic character. His reputation is shot. (Kudos to this great site for exposing his nefarious activities).
    I’m glad this fraudulent fundraising of him was reported and FaceBook took a quick action. He doesn’t really need a camera. what he needs is a second dildo for his shit-encrusted ass.

  2. Poor little hobo. He night have PTSD from all the big black cock tearing up his guts and from drowning his little sister.
    Still living in halfway homes …still begging…still being s fucking loser…still ignoring his son (thank god for that ).
    I say it’s about time to inform his flock about his past and get him back on the road. I miss his stupid little games .

  3. Remember when this fraudster routinely claimed to be an amazing photographer? He would often tick off the fancy equipment that he pretended to own. The truth is, he was just insanely jealous of real vloggers who use decent cameras. He always tries to belittle what he doesn’t have because Peter Vandever has the emotional maturity of an infant and I mean that literally. Still, why can’t he buy a camera himself? Doesn’t he have multiple masters degrees, and at least one PhD? He once claimed to make $75 per hour “coding” software. A nice camera would just be a small dent in one paycheck, wouldn’t it? Oh, right. That was all bullshit too. Exposed again, Peter! 😂

  4. He most likely does suffer from traumas of sorts which would explain some of the foundations of his sociopathic nature. The causes for such traumas would not be what he outwardly claims however. We do have our suspicions though, as some have already alluded to. Whatever any actual causes, he only digs himself deeper day after day by warping his mind into these various imaginary personas and being a horrible person.

  5. This man has ruined the lives of so many. His brother Timothy, who is my ex, hates his guts for what he has done to his family. Peter is at the center of some much trauma in the Vandever family.

  6. What ever happened to him coming back home to his family? he was always bragging in his videos when he was in the phillipines that his family was begging him to come back home. What ever happened to ?

    1. Art school, he claimed once he was back in the USA, he was going back to art school. Because he has a fully paid scholarship to one of the best art schools in USA.
    2. To the motor home he was buying to travel cross country.
    3. Moving to Hawaii, with a very good friend of his, to start a website hosting business.
    4. To all his expensive photography and computer equipment.
    5. To his pastor back home asking him to come back home, to run the church, because the pastor was retiring and he wanted peter to become the pastor of the church.

    And the list goes on.

    1. All of it bullshit as usual. As for going back to his hometown in Saint Joseph, Missouri, one reason he may be avoiding the area is because he has at least one warrant out for his arrest there. A warrant for property damage in which he owes approximately $1,000 USD. Perhaps this relates to the time he set his own family’s house on fire.

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