Peter Vandever’s Bureau of Internal Revenue Story Was a Lie

Peter Vandever has long claimed that the reason he is still in the Philippines is because he has outstanding tax issues with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) that need to be resolved before he is granted clearance to leave the country. It has long been suspected that this was a lie — an attempt to portray himself as somehow righteously standing up against some sort of unfair taxation. It was his way of trying to avoid admission that he is illegally in the country on an expired tourist visa that he can’t afford to renew. In the workings of his fragile ego, it was also an attempt to separate himself from those who are “just tourists” in the country even though he was officially a tourist as well when his visa was valid.

With the help of BIR officials, we were able to search directly in the National Office database to check on the validity of Peter’s story. If his claim were true, this is exactly where supporting information would be found. However, of no surprise to anyone who knows Peter, it was proven to us that his claim is completely bogus. There is no record for Peter Vandever in the system whatsoever and there never has been.

Searching for Peter Vandever in the National Office (NO) database. It’s worth noting that the ACTIVE value shown in the Taxpayer Status field does not indicate that this is only searching a subset of the database. ACTIVE is just the value that always displays as a default for that field. This is a global search for Peter Vandever across the entire system on all records both past and present.

Could it be that Peter was somehow cleared from the system? No. Quoting directly from a BIR official:

He is not a registered taxpayer, which means he was never, ever employed here or had any business transaction in the Philippines.

The BIR claim is now definitively debunked. As suspected, this story was nothing but another item in his seemingly endless collection of lies. A visitor to the Philippines under the basic tourist designation is expected to renew their visa every one, two, or six months. So long as the visa remains valid, a tourist may legally stay in the country for up to three years upon which time they are required to leave. Peter Vandever remains in the Philippines simply because he was unable to pay the immigration fees that have piled up over the years. On top of that, even if he had maintained a valid visa, he has been in the country for more than three years already. As for his official status in the Philippines, he is nothing more than a grubby vagabond and petty thief with a tourist visa that expired long ago.

Bring Peter Vandever to Justice

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19 thoughts on “Peter Vandever’s Bureau of Internal Revenue Story Was a Lie”

  1. What a shock! The Hobo told a lie? Good work on this one, by the way. It just further goes to show why no one trusts him but complete losers like Captain Spaulding and Bolohead.

    1. It’s interesting to witness what happens when someone feels a need to pile lies upon lies in order to maintain what he hopes is a sense of credibility. This is the same doofus who claimed to be the “CTO” of Smart Communications on a blog post about internet speeds in the Philippines. He is now shouldering a heaping mountain of bullshit and it is all crumbling down on his face.

  2. its sad that so many expats are are killed here for minor infractions
    or for simply being at wrong place at wrong time and this guy is still above ground

    1. However he experiences not one second of fulfillment in his life beyond numbing himself with alcohol, lies, and sex with gay prostitutes. If given the choice to live the life of Peter or say goodbye to this world forever, somehow the latter seems like the more attractive option.

  3. Another excellent piece of investigative journalism by The Alliance. This story confirms with unequivocal clarity the fraud that is Peter Aaron Vandever.

  4. alcohol?
    those teeth are due to meth/shabu

    i see where the moron now has a video out about the chr and their budget

    why doesn’t he concern himself with finding a way back to his country and finding a job to support his child ?

    an illegal alien (or any foreigner) in the philippines has NO business commenting or meddling on the internal affairs of a sovereign nation

    1. Yup, Peter loves to point fingers at everyone else as a way to deny his own trainwreck of a life. He fails to recognize that the core problem isn’t with the things around him that he likes to complain about, the problem is him.

      According to one of his own relatives, he has multiple children! In other words he’s a deadbeat loser on multiple levels.

  5. The Ex Pats I know, eat in nice places, in a relationship, visit nice places, have money in their pockets and can afford dental treatment

    1. Meanwhile Peter typically eats the most inexpensive local street food he can find, can’t even establish a relationship with a prostitute, roams the back alleys, and steals just to scrape by. No wonder he calls it a “prison”.

  6. I remember trying to reach out to this POS back when I first stumbled onto his (now terminated) Youtube channel. I knew nothing about him, I just figured I’d ask him a few questions to hear his side of things. His reply was full of hatred and bullshit. So I told him,

    “Bloke, you have pissed on the wrong mother-fucker. I will clear my desk and make sure people see you for who you really are. Mark my words you will rue this day.”

    As I began to Google his name and found his old posts in newsgroups, websites and social media a whole fucking onion of bullshit appeared. He was actually much worse than just a tosser with a big head and no brains. Abandoned kids, only one present at the drowning of his little sister, official records as a Sex Offender and on top of that claims to be a pastor AND a missionary since he was 17. Not to mention his claims of earning multiple Master’s degrees, a so-called boxing career and Army Ranger in Iraq.

    This lying POS is a stain on humanity. The fucking coward lays on his back and tries to play the ‘victim’ when he is called on his lies and slander on decent people. He is fucking spineless to push around small, poor Filipinos while going all pussy when challenged to a real fight with an expat. (multiple times, always pussied-out).

    I for one am glad to see that this Alliance has taken him to task and put him back where he belonged the entire time, which is roaming the shittiest parts of the inner-city scrounging for a meal. That is where this lying, hateful fuck belongs. My kudos to the Alliance!!

  7. I confronted Peter about the lie he propagates and his only response was ‘Is that so’.. he knows it’s a lie just like all his other lies. Peter come clean and repent of your sins.. you have an established pattern of behavior. You get the natives upset they run you off and it starts all over again. The only problem you have now is you are on overstay and cannot afford to leave.. Hit me up if you’d like to talk about this. If you came clean you might be surprised how many people might support you in your rehab efforts. Quit running bro.. repent..

    1. agree

      i thought of setting up a fund and collect donations to help purchase him a return ticket back to his country
      but with his past im sure he would either exchange ticket for cash or run out of airport before flight

      better just let nature (and the Philippines) take their course

  8. In the ‘ole Hobo’s latest video in which he trashes My Philippine Journey for daring to speak on overstay and help a fellow expect who’s fallen on hard times, the ole Hobo says the government of the Philippines won’t deport someone on overstay; in essence, it’s OK to enter the country on a visa waiver and stay as long as you like. He seems to be real familiar with the procedure for flying back to the U.S. on the taxpayer’s dime and running out on one’s Philippines visa fees.

    1. Yep I just watch his vlog
      I seldom almost never do , I dont want him to get views
      And he knew the form and passport procedure at embassy etc
      Must have done it before
      I don’t how ya go pv. Just leave

  9. He has a video where he claims you just overstay and when you want to leave just plead poverty and you’ll be allowed to leave Albeit blacklisted and wont be allowed back until you pay the debt. So I guess all you folks who faithfully pay your immigration fees and requirements as per the law are foolish and suckers according to the vandumpster….

    1. If he believes his own words he will be in for a surprise if he actually does try to leave the country.

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