Peter Vandever and His Mountain of Lies: Volume 1

If one were to summarize the behavior of Peter Vandever in one simple word, one choice would certainly be this: dishonest. Sure, people telling falsehoods is not uncommon. With just a little extra digging, it would not be difficult to find someone who is dishonest quite frequently. Still, Peter is more extreme than even some of the most blatant compulsive liars. It is no exaggeration to say that Peter lies about nearly everything. Indeed, his entire public presentation of himself is made up of nearly 100% lies. Yes, he lies that much.

While it is not possible to catalog every lie that Peter Vandever has ever told, even if limited only to those that can be discovered online, we will publish many of them here in what will become a regular series.

In volume 1, we showcase a sample of his entirely false claims about serving in the military, his situation in the Philippines, and travel.

  • Lie: Peter claims to have served in “both wars” (Afghanistan and Iraq). Truth: he never served in the military in any capacity. See: item one
  • Lie: Peter claims that he was an Army Ranger. Truth: complete bullshit. Again,┬áhe never served in the military in any capacity. See: item one
  • Lie: Peter claims that the reason he is stuck in the Philippines is because he owes back taxes to the Philippines Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). He also claims that he owned a business. Truth: Peter is stuck in the Philippines because he owes the Bureau of Immigration a pile of money for the visa renewals that he never paid over the years (not to mention his inability to afford a plane ticket out of the country). Also, he never had a business. This is the same guy who makes a simple WordPress website then calls himself the “CEO” of it. See: item one, item two, item three
  • Lie: Peter claims to have traveled to all 50 United States. Truth: He has been poor his entire life and has never had the means to travel so extensively in the United States even if he wanted to. Even his ticket to Southeast Asia was funded by a scam — soliciting donations for a missionary project that never existed. He has been to Missouri, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas, and states in between, but that’s about it. See: item one

The complete Series: Peter Vandever and His Mountain of Lies

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One thought on “Peter Vandever and His Mountain of Lies: Volume 1”

  1. I’ve seen this idiot lying his ass off for a long time now. I like the format of this series because you can quickly demonstrate the degree to which he lies to those who may not be aware of just how big of a fraud he is. Peter the Manila hobo is seriously the biggest liar I have ever witnessed.. by FAR.

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