Peter Vandever and Child Molestation

Peter Vandever is attempting to weigh in on an article about a recently arrested alleged pedophile named Mark Catley. Nothing new with what he’s trying to do: cloak himself in phony holiness while falsely accusing others of exactly what he himself is guilty of: shameful sexual practices including child molestation. Peter Vandever wants to go there, so go there we shall. More to follow on this.

Bring Peter Vandever to Justice

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2 thoughts on “Peter Vandever and Child Molestation”

  1. Oh please.. never had any doubt that this piece of trash was a child molester himself. We know he’s a homosexual, which is fine except for the fact taht he slams others for their sexual preferences. Also how many times divorced is this piece of shit?? Stupid hobo couldn’t even afford his own way back to hs country lol.

  2. Please don’t take down this web site
    People (potential future victims)
    need to be aware of who he is and what
    he has done

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