Peter Vandever’s Bureau of Internal Revenue Story Was a Lie

Peter Vandever has long claimed that the reason he is still in the Philippines is because he has outstanding tax issues with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) that need to be resolved before he is granted clearance to leave the country. It has long been suspected that this was a lie — an attempt to portray himself as somehow righteously standing up against some sort of unfair taxation. It was his way of trying to avoid admission that he is illegally in the country on an expired tourist visa that he can’t afford to renew. In the workings of his fragile ego, it was also an attempt to separate himself from those who are “just tourists” in the country even though he was officially a tourist as well when his visa was valid.

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Is Peter Vandever Guilty of Murder?

There remains an unsolved case of death in Saint Joseph, Missouri, the hometown of Peter Vandever. At least as far as most of those with awareness of the case believe, the tragic drowning of Faith Vandever in September 1990 had only one eyewitness: her brother Peter.

The official story is that her death was an unfortunate accident. Peter himself has long made this claim. It is said that she had fallen off of a raft on the lake while Peter sat by helplessly and watched her fight, unsuccessfully, for her life. Faith was only a small child at the time.

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