Just for Laughs: Peter Vandever and His Silly Lies

Peter Vandever can’t help himself. Lying is a habit for him. Having lived such a shameful existence, he feels compelled to lie and present a false version of himself rather than acknowledge the reality of who he really is and the dark life he has lived. Some of his lies are downright hilarious: he has claimed to be the CTO of Smart Communications, he claims to hold multiple bachelors degrees and multiple masters degrees and a PhD (in reality, Peter has no higher education to speak of).

Peter is also a “me too” kind of liar. Have a story to share? Whatever it is, Peter has been there done that too. Not only that, but his experience was also probably better than yours. Here is one of his latest humorous examples.

Image credits: Peter Vandumpster

Commenting on this blog post about travel to Antartica on a travel site called The Traveller’s Guide By #ljojlo, guess what Peter shares? Yes, he too has traveled to Antarctica! Of course.

Comment by Peter Vandever: I actually visited many years ago but we came in by air on a C-130.

Not only did he visit a place where very few in the world ever go, he did so by way of a heavy duty flying machine that not so modestly suggests “important mission” and military bad assery. Given that he is also implying that he was there for military purposes, he has weaved two lies in to one single sentence! Way to go, Peter! (Peter has never served in the military in any capacity whatsoever.)

Damn you, Peter. You gave many people a lot of stomach aches due to the laughter you gave with this one!

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3 thoughts on “Just for Laughs: Peter Vandever and His Silly Lies”

  1. LOL!! i also recall him suggesting and even directly saying on several occasions that he is fluent in Filipino (Tagalog). I then find a video of him expressing confusion over a sign at the entrance of a public restroom that said “babae”. Babae is Filipino (and Bisaya) for “female”. The funniest part is that there was a sign immediately underneath it that read “ladies”, yet he still couldn’t figure out the meaning. This mental degenerate really does lie about everything!! Thanks this one gave me a good laugh 😀

    1. I remember that video. It also disproves his claim that he’s lived in the Philippines for 25 years. Imagine a non-English speaker moves to, say, the United States. Then imagine that person lives in the country for 25 years and still doesn’t know the words “boy” or “girl”. It’s a laughable thought because it’s just plain impossible.

      He was in Mindanao at the time of that video. I imagine his defense for not understanding that word might be “they speak Bisaya in that area, not Filipino!” Yet, as you point out, babae is also female in the Bisaya language.

  2. Can’t blame the ole Hobo for trying it on in Antartica – it’s probably the only place left where folks don’t know what he’s about.

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