It’s Official: Peter Vandever Will Be Reported for Fraud

Peter Vandever is on record, even very recently, claiming that he collects Social Security Disability. If this claim is true, Peter is committing fraud against the United States government.

Under certain conditions, individuals with a medically determinable impairment can lawfully receive disability assistance if they are unable to work, or as the Social Security Administration puts it, the “inability to engage in any substantial gainful activity”.

We have more than enough information to prove beyond any doubt that (1) Peter has a long history of fraudulent behavior (2) that he is mentally and physically capable of working on at least a basic level (3) that Peter himself claims he is perfectly capable of full-time employment and (4) he claims to currently be collecting disability assistance. Realistically, the only things preventing Peter from working are his utter lack of discipline, his habitual desire to cheat or take shortcuts in all that he does, and the fact that is he grossly unable to maintain healthy relationships with anyone.

We are officially reporting Peter Vandever for Social Security fraud.

Bring Peter Vandever to Justice

Have a tip to share about Peter? Were you one of his victims? Send us a private message. All correspondence is completely confidential.

7 thoughts on “It’s Official: Peter Vandever Will Be Reported for Fraud”

  1. I doubt he is collecting that… How would he file in the PH?
    Also if he were, he wouldn’t be starving, unless of course he is spending it all on meth…
    Keep pushing. He is an embarrassment to his country and needs to be deported from the PH before he does something stupid and hurts someone.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that it’s just another lie since he lies about almost everything, but the process of reporting abuse is straightforward so it won’t hurt.

      “He … needs to be deported from the PH before he does something stupid and hurts someone…” He’s already accomplished both many times over, but I know what you mean 🙂

  2. Dear Alliance
    Hasn’t anyone gone to the HQ of BI in Intramuros and spoken to someone high in power to show them the disparaging videos he has made against the PH and the PH people? There was a Thai who made comments on facebook and was deported for less. And FB anyone could post with someone elses name etc. PV is on video saying worse and can’t deny it. Also I’m sure PV is TNT (illegal alien) and has a sex crime conviction which now disqualifies anyone from entering the PH.

    1. An official reporting to the bureau of immigration will be done. There’s plenty of legitimate reasons for his deportation. Most fundamentally, he’s simply in the Philippines illegally. His visa expired years ago.

  3. I believe the whole Social Security claim by the Hobo is a lie but it’s a good idea to file the report anyway.
    He recently stated that his father took care of the details of filing the Social Security Claim for him through his, “military connections.” That’s beyond laughable as his Dad was a failed and morbidly obese under employed and perpetually broke truck driver who served in the Missouri Air National Guard, probably driving trucks when they could find one big enough for him to fit into. Also, National Guard involvement in the Social Security filing process? LOL
    I guess when the Hobo chose epilepsy as his, “condition of choice for soliciting sympathy” he failed to research the fact that The Philippines denies entry to person’s with an epileptic condition. That’s easily verifiable by researching the official P.I. Gov’t. list of entry restrictions. That’s how I found out this bit of information.
    So, we have a Hobo with supposed epilepsy who takes meds that he has no access to because he’s homeless and all but penniless. This seizure riddled Hobo also claims he had brain surgery in 2005 which obviously made things worse, if this lie were indeed true. Let’s also not forget that he recently reported on his upcoming “reproductive complete body nervous system rewiring surgery” or whatever the Hell that lie was (haha).
    At any rate, I’ll once again state that I think it’s a good idea to report this possible fraud. At the very least it will expose yet another lie. At the very best it will lead the way to him being denied undeserved benefits.
    No matter what the lie or claim, and through all of his chest thumping and other crap, the one FACT concerning The Hobo is that he’s proven time and time again (through his words and deeds) that he should locked up in a Mental Institution for the rest of his unnatural and pathetic life.

    P.S. – It’s just a hunch but I think that ALL funds he receives to under fund his Hobo lifestyle probably comes from taking a monthly cut of his Mother’s McDonald’s check, which she dutifully wires to him every so often. No matter how useless and worthless the child, some Mothers never seem to give up on their children no matter how misguided that decision proves to be for the parent later on down the road.

    1. Mr. Manotti, I too reckon it’s a lie. As you suggest, we are filing an abuse report anyway just to cover the rare chance that he is actually making a truthful claim. It seems like a pointless falsehood, but so is making up a dumb lie that he bought a SanDisk Extreme SD card when you can catch a glimpse on the table of the actual card he bought and it is not what he said (there are of course a countless number of such pointless lies).

      I also heard his claim that his father’s “connections” supposedly smoothed out the application process for him in his conversation with “Big Kev” on a youtube livestream. It seems this was his response to Kevin when Kevin had mentioned that his application experience was very difficult. Peter saw an opportunity to “one up” him with his “connections in high places” and avoid making up an explanation as to why he seemingly got approved for disability so easily.

  4. I’ve been posting on mainstream sites i.e. Manila Bulletin and Inquirer etc about the Hobo and mentioning his antics and history. Hopefully some proud Filipino will look at his past videos of him disparaging the PH and finally take action to get him deported back to his country and get the help that he needs.

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