Is Peter Vandever Guilty of Murder?

There remains an unsolved case of death in Saint Joseph, Missouri, the hometown of Peter Vandever. At least as far as most of those with awareness of the case believe, the tragic drowning of Faith Vandever in September 1990 had only one eyewitness: her brother Peter.

The official story is that her death was an unfortunate accident. Peter himself has long made this claim. It is said that she had fallen off of a raft on the lake while Peter sat by helplessly and watched her fight, unsuccessfully, for her life. Faith was only a small child at the time.

This version of the event is not universally accepted. In fact, it would appear to have at least a few critics. Following is a partial online exchange between someone close to the Vandever family and someone that he thought was Peter Vandever (but actually wasn’t Peter). This source does not buy the story that the drowning was an accident. He is convinced, quite firmly, that Peter is an unstable bully who actually murdered his own sister. To protect the confidentiality of the source, identifying detail has been redacted. He will be referred to simply as Mr. M in this article.

If you keep running your mouth, I will find you and fuck you up pal. We have had nothing to do with each other for years now. Lets keep it that way.

The conversation continues.

you burned down your own house down. you killed your own sister. you have done nothing but brought your own family pain. i actually feel sorrow for you. to have your own flesh and blood hate the ground you walk on must suck. oh well, be the way you are. you will pay for your sins. I dont need proof, i KNOW you pushed her of the raft. YOU ARE A MURDERING FUCK PETE

“You killed your own sister … You are a murdering fuck Pete.” The charge that Peter burned down the house of his own family is something I’ve heard from other sources in Saint Joseph, but the accusation that Peter carried out his sister’s death was new to me.

You were the only other one on the raft dipshit. who else pushed her? who else caused that poor little girl to drown? How does it feel to kill Pete? Feel good? I bet you laughed didnt you? You sick bastard

This does beg the question, if Faith had simply fallen off of the raft, why didn’t Peter just reach down and pull her back up, regardless of any swimming ability?

Have you forgotten that my family were friends with your dad? Besides, how do you know I wasnt there? My brother had a trailer on the lake. I was there all the time. Maybe i should go talk to a detective and tell them... Ya know out of respect for your Dad and your Mom I have been quiet...

Peter has been a dark character for most of his life, even in adolescence, but what else gives Mr. M such a strong sense of certainty that Peter purposely killed his little sister? What would have been his motive?

You were always jealous of Faith and all the love and attention she got. I remember you hitting her and shit all the time. You abused her. One step away from murder. Did you laugh Pete? Did you laugh as she was flailing in the water fighting for her life? Or were you actually sorry? Was it really an accident Pete? No... You are a monster Pete, always have been. But just know. there are people who know the truth, and have been quiet all these years ... You pushed her. I know the truth. I was told by someone else who knew, ... He and your mom protected you all these years Pete.

Intense jealousy and bullying those he resents are core Peter Vandever traits. Would Peter abuse those who are vulnerable or weaker than him? Of course he would. Did the alleged jealousy of his little sister drive him to push her into the lake and kill her? Take note of a peculiar detail in the following brief video.


Remember, Peter’s story has always been that Faith died in a drowning accident. He only has one other sister and she is still alive. Perhaps Peter doesn’t even realize his word choice here: murder. Who would refer to the accidental death of a family member as a “murder”, unless that’s what it actually was? The truth slipping out, perhaps?

Anyone with new details to add to this case are urged to contact the local police of Saint Joseph, Missouri.

7 thoughts on “Is Peter Vandever Guilty of Murder?”

  1. Peter, whats it like to be so hated by not only your family and entire hometown but by an entire country? You are for sure THE most hated foreigner here in PH not only by all us expats but by the locals also. Quite the honor you have achieved mate. Do you sleep well at night?

    1. The fact that he is hated by his own family and the fact that he has no friends at all speaks to the foul taste of his hateful, spiteful, dishonest character. The attempts to conceal his true nature by pretending to be a holy Christian of sorts does nothing but emphasize how low of a person he truly is.

  2. While i detest peter as much as the next guy, that’s an iphone chat. Not once in any past video or writing have I ever seen him say he uses an iphone. I would be money this conversion is fabricated by someone who hates him much more then normal.

    1. It’s not a fabricated chat. This person talking to “Peter” here is a hometown acquaintance who hasn’t seen or talked to Peter since Peter ran from Missouri. He would have no knowledge of what kind of device Peter would use to communicate on. Actually it’s a web browser not an iphone.

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