Is Peter Vandever a Pedophile?

New information has been unearthed about the history of Peter Vandever. What we have found, if proven to be true, would be among the most disgusting behaviors we have learned about Peter so far.

Peter cannot be understood through the prism of normalcy. As a sociopath, Peter doesn’t typically operate according to the patterns followed by most. That is, his behaviors don’t reflect those of a person with a healthy mind.

One pattern that can commonly be observed in Peter is an attempt at projecting, or perhaps deflecting, his negative qualities or experiences onto others. That is, he will often accuse others of exactly the things that he himself is guilty of. A few examples for illustration:

  • Peter very often claims that those who work to expose him as the fraud that he is are just hateful people. However, one only need look at the content he routinely publishes. One only need to sense the constant anger in his voice, the obvious malice that lies underneath the surface of his own messaging. It is Peter himself who is projecting a personal hatred out onto the world.
  • Peter often talks with disgust about “sexpats” or tourists who travel to countries where sexual intimacy can be more easily obtained. Yet Peter himself was discovered to be sharing a room in a seedy hotel with a male prostitute. The presumed sexual purist was also arrested and jailed for masturbating in a Taco Bell restaurant.
  • Peter often rails against divorce and those who, in his view, do not properly raise their children. Yet Peter himself was twice divorced and, in both marriages, got his wife pregnant and has never provided one cent of support to a child from either marriage.

Without any factual basis whatsoever, Peter will also accuse others of being pedophiles. Not one to be known for having any talent as an orator or persuader, he typically feels a need to take his arguments to absolute extremes in order to make a point. But still, we wondered if there might be more behind this specific allegation of his. If Peter routinely labels others as pedophiles, might this be a signal that he his hiding something else in his closet?

We have evidence that suggests he is. Stay tuned.

Bring Peter Vandever to Justice

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