Is Peter Vandever Guilty of Murder?

There remains an unsolved case of death in Saint Joseph, Missouri, the hometown of Peter Vandever. At least as far as most of those with awareness of the case believe, the tragic drowning of Faith Vandever in September 1990 had only one eyewitness: her brother Peter.

The official story is that her death was an unfortunate accident. Peter himself has long made this claim. It is said that she had fallen off of a raft on the lake while Peter sat by helplessly and watched her fight, unsuccessfully, for her life. Faith was only a small child at the time.

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Peter Vandever Caught Stealing the Works of Others Once Again

In addition to boasting a false claim that he is a skilled photographer of any sort, Peter Vandever has long since been outed as a thief of intellectual property. He was exposed in a big way here, here, here, here, here, and here. To no surprise of anyone who knows Peter, he gets busted yet again.

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The Truth is Coming

Peter Vandever is a criminal from St. Joseph, Missouri who is now living illegally in the Philippines on a long-expired tourist visa on roughly $200 USD per month or less. First and foremost, Peter is a sociopath. He is a fake Christian who poses as a missionary to steal donation money for his own needs. He is also a thief, a photo plagiarist, a drunk, a stalker, and an all around fraud and a twice-divorced, hateful, spiteful human being. He is also a sex offender, having been convicted in his home state of Missouri in which he has a fairly decorated criminal history.

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