Peter Vandever and the Mangina Effect

Here is an excellent presentation about Peter Vandever on a YouTube channel titled How to Spot an Idiot. Specifically, he touches upon Peter’s habit of belittling the military service of others due to his own deep insecurities. Remember, this is someone who has truly accomplished nothing with his own life. In fact, just the opposite. He has caused nothing but destruction. Destruction of his own life as well as causing harm in the lives of others.


Peter Vandever was last known to be staying at the Gran Prix Manila, 1325 Mabini Street.

Peter Vandever Concedes He is an Overstayer

Peter Vandever’s Philippines visa expired over three years ago and he has never renewed it as required by law. He has tried to make many different public claims in attempt to divert attention away from his illegal status: that he is an official Philippine citizen (the most laughable of all), he is a “Philippines national”, the Bureau of Internal Revenue isn’t allowing him to leave due to an unsettled tax issue (lie debunked),  there’s an issue with his passport that he needs to fix, and most recently, realizing everyone knows his excuses are ridiculous, he just says he now has “complications”. To his credit, at least that most recent excuse is true. In a recent audio blog by Peter Vandever, he finally acknowledges the truth that we have already known for a long time. He effectively concedes that he is in the Philippines illegally as an overstayer.

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Peter Vandever Caught Stealing in Manila

Update November 12, 2017: While we’re not surprised as to our findings, the leads pouring in are more than we had anticipated. We have many business establishments now coming forward informing us that they have also been victimized by Peter Vandever, some more than once. Full details forthcoming. It is safe to say that Peter is slowly painting himself into a corner. We have no doubt he is not just stealing internet time and computer equipment, but anything the scoundrel can get his hands on without paying. He will face consequences here in the Philippines. We will make sure of it. It’s now just a matter of time.

Peter Vandever has a long history of theft going back to his years in St. Joseph, Missouri. Those details will eventually be published on this site. He is currently a serial thief in the Philippines as well.

In June 2017, we caught Peter, who is already illegally overstaying in the Philippines, stealing from an internet cafe in Baguio City. Even though this was the first moment we caught him in the act, we are certain this was not a one-off event, but actually a regular practice for him. We knew it would be only a matter of time before we caught him again, and we did.

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Just for Laughs: Peter Vandever and His Silly Lies

Peter Vandever can’t help himself. Lying is a habit for him. Having lived such a shameful existence, he feels compelled to lie and present a false version of himself rather than acknowledge the reality of who he really is and the dark life he has lived. Some of his lies are downright hilarious: he has claimed to be the CTO of Smart Communications, he claims to hold multiple bachelors degrees and multiple masters degrees and a PhD (in reality, Peter has no higher education to speak of).

Peter is also a “me too” kind of liar. Have a story to share? Whatever it is, Peter has been there done that too. Not only that, but his experience was also probably better than yours. Here is one of his latest humorous examples.

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